About Us

Tilly’s Candles are vegan, handmade using eco-friendly 100% soy wax and do not use dyes. We are a Yorkshire based candle shop founded in November 2021.

Tilly has been vegetarian for her whole life and then became vegan in 2017. Having always had a love for animals and the planet, it was important to her to ensure that all products used when making her candles are vegan and that packaging is low-waste, recyclable and plastic free.

The fragrance oils used in the candles and melts are vegan friendly, phthalate-free and paraben free.

To ensure that harm to our planet is kept to a minimum, cardboard boxes and shredded paper are used for packaging and paper tape is used to secure. All candles are presented in black metal lidded tins with paper labels. These can be washed out and recycled/reused once finished.


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